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Boxe Francaise Savate is the noble art of France. From its humble beginnings as a street fighting method in the back alleys of Paris, Savate grew into prominence as a dynamic defense method with a grace and beauty that hides its devastating power.

With a vast array of dazzling kicks, Savate combines the hands and feet into awesome weapons that can attack from any angle. Such classic attacks as the chasse (side kick), fouette (whip kick), coup de pied bas (low kick), and revers (reverse kicks) make up practitioner's repertoire.

Modern Savate is an exciting and dynamic kickboxing sport with a popular following worldwide. French and World Championships provide fantastic bouts with lightning fast feet, powerful hands, and thunderous knockouts!

We are proud to represent Professor Salem Assli , 2nd Degree Silver Glove, and the California Association of Boxe Francaise Savate (CABFS).

At DMA, we offer personal development and self-expression by way of:

  • Expert instruction from Coach J. Dallo, 1st Degree Silver Glove Assistant Monitor instructor!
  • The incredible workouts of Savate!
  • Improve Fitness: Flexibility, Stamina, Strength, Fat Loss!
  • Improve Athleticism: Coordination, Power, Balance, Timing!
  • Achieve Beginning to Advanced Ranking in Boxe Francaise Savate! And
  • Self-Defense Skills: Learn the Fundamentals of Striking and Kicking

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